Your Life Depends on Your Habits

Quality of your life depends on your habits. This is my personal opinion. The whole world is thinking that life is about working hard and being patient. A part of this idea is true but that’s not the only thing you need for your life.  This is because you can’t keep on working hard and being patient the whole time. It’s so easy to quit working hard and being patient that you quit right away if there’s a slight chance because you basically force yourself to work hard and be patient. Your situation is likely to get even worse because you already have the experience of forcing yourself to do something you’re not into. Your situation will be different if this is your habit. You’re to perform and continue thing whether you like it or not, if you build a system of doing it as if you do it without noticing or you can’t live without doing it like washing your face, brushing your teeth and taking a shower. If you make a habit of studying, you’ll be able to go to good school. If y

You Can’t Stop Worrying because You Are Stupid

Life sometimes gives you hard times.   However, in my opinion, you can sort things out somehow. For example, if you’re worried because you’re not losing weight even though you’re on a diet... There Is an Answer  There are only a few ways to lose weight. • exercise • eat less • do both at the same time You can’t go on a diet if you say, “I can’ keep working out!” or “I can’t stop eating!” What would you do then? There are two options. • openly admit that it’s ok to be overweight • keep dwelling on that you can’t go on a diet, even if you want to It’s smart to quit diet once you know you can’t do it, unless you like to worry about your overweight. You’ll reach to a solution if you think it through logically. This applies to almost every situation not only to diet. Messy Brain However, most people keep worrying. They’ll get to the right answer if they think in order but they don’t do that. Why don’t they do that? Because they’

A Life with No Regret

I read a sentimental article, where the writer was saying “I regret something.” That sentence made me think I have no regret whatsoever in my life. Regretting Something before You Die When I was in college, a phrase caught my eye from a book I happened to pick up for no reason.  I still remember the phrase. It goes like this: If you ask senior citizens, “Do you have any regrets?”  Most of them answer, “I should’ve done 〇〇.” It’s not “shouldn’t have done××” or “want to start all over again”.  They regret not having done something. I was convinced by this article and decided, “I’ll do everything I want to, regardless of success or failure.” No Regret if You’ve Done Them All I’ve been loyal to this belief throughout whole my life. Why have I been that loyal? I don’t know but I was so touched by that article. I tried everything that interested me. As for music, I picked up guitar, vocal, drum, songwriting, live street performance, and I recently took trumpet clas

“Don’t Do Anything You Don’t Want To” Isn’t a Bad Goal

I always feel it’s awkward “to be an entrepreneur to change the world” or “to do job that I love doing ”. I really don’t care about changing the world. It’s none of my business but I don’t understand having those gigantic dreams. Job that I love doing… I write blogs everyday so it’s true that I like it but I’d say no to make living by writing blogs because I’ll be out of topic, I’ll be lonely, it won’t make too much money and it’s not stable. What I Don’t Want to Do Is the Driver  I still want to do my own business, so I’ve been doing side business. Because I don’t want to be employed by someone else. I don’t want to commute during rush hour. I don’t ever want to follow someone’s instructions. I want to select who I work with. I want to select where I work. I don’t understand why my pay doesn’t go up even if my performance exceeds the expectations. I don’t understand either why I have to go to work even when a typhoon is hitting the area. Th

Lecturing Is Pointless …the Difference between “Communication ” and “One-Sided Expression ”

There’re two men at the coffee shop the other day.  It seemed one of them was a boss and the other was his subordinate. Since they’re right next to me, I overheard their conversation. Boss: “Did you go voting the other day?” Subordinate: “No, I didn’t.” Boss: “You should have. Young people should vote, otherwise, this country will go through blah blah blah…” He was lecturing.   Lecturing Is Counterproductive  I always think lecturing is useless, don’t you think? Because if someone lectures you, don’t you find that your motivation decreases rather than increases? If someone says, “You must go voting”, you never think, “You’re definitely right.  I’m going to the next election for sure”, do you? It’s more likely that you’ll end up feeling like,  “You shut up.  I won’t ever go voting”. “Communication” and “One-Sided Expression” “One-sided expression” is a way of communication that you let all out and feel good about it. It doesn’t mat

Best Way to Take Action

It goes without saying that putting things into action is vital.  You never know the outcome of your plan until you carry it out.  Moreover, it is often observed that things turn out well because your mission is accomplished.  Even if you fail, you’re more likely to be successful in the near future because you learn your lessons. Now, how do you get moving? Get Things Done No Matter What Once You Set Your Goals As a nerd on books about self-improvement, I have read them, thought them through and tried things out myself. My conclusion is pretty simple. Get things done whatever comes your way. If you decide to get up early in the morning, do so from the very next morning. If you decide to study, buy books and get started. If you decide to contact your friend, think about when you will contact them and what about, and then do as you plan. You may not be able to carry it out right away. However, the odds are getting higher through your successes and failures.  It’ll be

If you do two things, you will be able to continue your efforts.

The way to continue the effort is to make it a habit to a degree that you do not feel uncomfortable if you do not do it. It is as I wrote last time. You have to do two things to make it a habit. Do it little by little The first step should be very small. You only need to search about what you want to do in about a minute. Or you can just think. The second and third steps are the same. Even with a small step, there is a sense of fulfillment that is progressing steadily step by step. "Can I do more?" "Let's do this tomorrow!" The step becomes bigger gradually. You will be able to accomplish a lot in the near future. If you make too much effort in the first step, you will lose motivation immediately. "Will I do that again today?  It can not be done to me. " Anyway, do it little by little. Continue for a couple of weeks with guts However, if you go home late on business, there will be no motivation at all. Do it. Absolut