Best Way to Take Action

It goes without saying that putting things into action is vital. 

You never know the outcome of your plan until you carry it out.  Moreover, it is often observed that things turn out well because your mission is accomplished.  Even if you fail, you’re more likely to be successful in the near future because you learn your lessons.

Now, how do you get moving?

Get Things Done No Matter What Once You Set Your Goals

As a nerd on books about self-improvement, I have read them, thought them through and tried things out myself.

My conclusion is pretty simple.

Get things done whatever comes your way.

If you decide to get up early in the morning, do so from the very next morning.
If you decide to study, buy books and get started.
If you decide to contact your friend, think about when you will contact them and what about, and then do as you plan.

You may not be able to carry it out right away.

However, the odds are getting higher through your successes and failures.  It’ll be your habit to take action once you set your goals.

Don’t Think of Reasons to Do Things

There are lots of “methodologies to move into action” in this world.

I’m not saying they’re all wrong.  But it’s much quicker to get things done once you decide to do so, rather than spending time on researching those unproved methodologies.

Even if people say “doing A will motivate you”, doing A itself is a pain.
Everyone knows “go-getters win everything in the end”.
It’s pretty obvious that becoming a person who takes action is way more important than knowing “the difference between people who act and who don’t”.

I once wrote about doing things little by little.  It can be helpful, but only for beginners.  You won’t need this method forever.

Get things done before you think of any reason.

You repeatedly have to force yourself to accomplish your goals, until the process of “want to do, should do” leading to “have to do” is completely in your system.


An investor once said,

“People often ask me how to save money.  I don’t know why they ask such a question. 

Just don’t spend your money.”

That’s it. 
No reason is necessary.  Just stick to your goal once you set it.

Now you know what you should do, right?

“But I don’t have time…”
“I don’t know how to do it…”
“I have no motivation…”

None of that matters.

Get started, go for it and get it done, no matter how busy you are, how lost you are, how little motivation you have.

As a result, like putting on muscle you slowly but surely get the power to execute your goals through your experiences.
You’re going to be so active as to accomplish your goals if you keep pursuing them.

So get moving!
Do what you’re thinking of doing right now!


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